PCCSF is an independent professional organisation set up to
support doctors with an interest or involvement in protecting
and safeguarding children. At present, it is funded by membership subscription, run as a not-for-profit company. PCCSF is affiliated to the Alliance of Primary Care Societies from the Royal College of General Practitioners.

We welcome members from all four UK jurisdictions, representing doctors from Primary Care with an interest in
the protection and promotion of welfare of children and young people. Our membership is predominantly GPs but we welcome doctors from other specialties interested in this work.

The benefits of membership include:
· A secure email discussion group;
· A regular newsletter;
· An annual conference ( The 7th is at RCGP in 2014)

A special seminar was held in 2013 to help define the role on Named GPs for Safeguarding Children and prepare a position statement on primary care safeguarding. Membership has grown year by year from 24 in 2007 to 70 in 2014.

For details of membership contact: pccsfmembership@nhs.net

Danny Lang,
Vice Chair, PCCSF

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Summary of feedback from Toolkit questionnaire

Number of respondents 8

1. What is most useful?

a.Practice advice and proformas, “specific advice tailored to a primary care setting”
b.Guidance on Read Codes
c.Guidance on recording/storage, “confidence to err on the side of too much rather than too little”.
d.Single source of references and templates
e.Glossary of terms
f.Legislation in the appendix

2. What is least useful?

a.The legislation for other principalities in the main document.
b.Difficult to find from the Home page on the RCGP website.
c.Navigation and search facilities within the Toolkit.
d.Flow chart (as this varies with each LSCB)
e.One respondent found that the sections on barriers and coding were not useful when giving presentations.
f.One respondent suggested that the questionnaire would be more useful if nurse trainer friendly and suitable for printout. Two others felt that GPs would find it too "legal".

Training Modules

1.What is most useful?

a.Ideas for exercises

2.What is least useful?

a.Not available to non RCGP members
b.Several commented that they put together bits from the modules rather than using them alone.


a.Some text changes needed such as Social care instead of services.
b.Legislation for different parts of the UK could be separate.
c.Should include recommendations on frequency and implementation of GP training.
d.Could publicise a standpoint on issues such as sharing information.
e.Could develop recommendations on the GP role in safeguarding.
f.Could receive feedback from children and young people.

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